© alba schloessingk

alba lydia schloessingk
living/working between london and herefordshire

alba works within a web of digitally mediated sound, performance, image, text and video. they are Xtremely interested in the fecund connections between digital and fungal networks, and they like to forage for materials on the Internet. humour is also important to their practice as a mode of caring and probing; a conduit for pain and pleasure, fused. they appreciate ambiguity. at the moment, alba is playing and learning with processes of electronic ingestion/distortion/secretion in their audio work. much of their current work is also haunted by a leaky, pathetic and erotogenic trans-alien / sporting alter ego. Remixing and hybridisation are regular dinner guests in their mind. Textually, they would like to bang readers on the head and cradle them too. they mostly abide by the non-rule: mutation 4-ever.

select exhibitions:

2021 Doomed and Famous, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
2021 Deptford X Festival, Matchstick Pie House, London
2021 Alternative Degree Show, Various Venues across SE, London
2020 Football Fan Fiction International, Online
2019 Poking Oil Presents: Nine Degrees of Separation, Deptford Does Art, London
2019 This Is Not A Degree Show, Deptford X, London 
2018 ActivART, St. James Church, London 
2018 4k Pt. II, Gallery 46, London 


BA(Hons) Fine Art + History of Art, 1st Class Honours, Goldsmiths University of London, 2018-2021
Foundation Diploma in Art + Design, Hereford College of Arts, 2017-2018