© alba schloessingk

extract from the Holey Fighter (an ongoing work, begun in september 2021)

"a sickly trickle of Milk still stagnates on His Tongue ,  curdled a microbial eon ago ...... curdled as soon as the tepid Winds of Death blew up His nostrils . if the Boxer were still alive he would have retched at the taste , slowly , rivulets of stomach acid and saliva pushing themselves sluggishly off his Lip. the bulk of the Milk has coagulated in claggy yellow Patches on the flesh of his Stomach-Organ, mimicking the cholesterol deposits which were covertly beginning to form around the Body. This is the residue from The Boxer’s Final Meal , a pathetic suckle on the teat of a mercurial Ewe. She had bequeathed onto Him her diseased Lactose and a handful of Lice to boot……. then she travelled Onward, intrepid. mouth-guard slipped; the Boxer’s lips were still forming an O as Shee departed into the Bracken............."