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extract from 18 january (2022), a text which appeared alongside an image from Creeps (2022) in Fieldnotes Journal, issue 4, in November 2022.

in the ward, there were creative workshops in lecture halls. i didn’t have my gown on anymore, but black leather shoes that had long, long points, like pippi longstocking’s shoes. a black dress, a red matador jacket with mirrors on. i walked into what i thought was a cinema, because all the teenagers in it were immersed in hot pink. it was actually a performance art workshop. i walked up the stairs-aisle. as i sat down, i saw a girl a few rows in front of me watching her phone and giggling. on her phone was a video of me crawling up the stairs-aisle, stopping by her, and biting her hand, canine, in character, but not hard. i bit and shook with the illusion of violence. i didn’t think i had crawled or bitten, but i was defeated by the evidence.

copies here : https://fieldnotesjournal.bigcartel.com/product/fieldnotes-issue-4